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The property looks very well maintained and the manager was super friendly.


Best place EVER!!!!!!!! I've been living here for 3 years. Management is on top of everything. They are super friendly and very honest. I have nothing but great things to say about this place. I'm not never ever moving out. What can i say "I LOVE WHERE I LIVE"!!!!!!


The new landlord really turned this place around and made it great. He is very professional, handles maintenance requests in a timely manner, and is honest and does not lie or scam you like the previous one. The neighbors (most of them) are very cold and standoffish. They throw trash around a lot which gets annoying to frequently have to clean up, and some of them are prone to egging ( throwing uncooked eggs at things), but I am here for a place to live not to socialize. There is no air conditioning so plan on spending about $1,000 to buy one big one or a few small ones or you will get heatstroke in the summer. They advertise it as "energy efficient" but the windows and sliding doors are not included in that apparently so plan on buying thick curtains or having it unbearably hot or cold within around ten minutes of having the heat or air turned off. There doesn't seem to be insulation and the walls are prone to crumbling very easily so even hanging things like photos with thumb tacks can be tricky. The apartments are huge, the grounds are kept up well, everything is well lit and requires a key so your things are fairly safe, there is surveillance so it ads a layer of security. You aren't allowed to have grills so no barbecuing. There is a small playground for kids and a "dog park" where the old playground used to be. The dog park is a small fenced area and while they do provide waste bags the area is covered in gravelly sand not grass so I imagine it is hard to get your pets to do their business. overall as long as you are willing to compensate for the poor way the building was built. it is a great place to live. I love living here and have for about three years.



Good place to live in Ammon ID.


It is clean place. They take care of the grounds and care for there tenants.


Has been a very peaceful place to live and management tries to fix any problem their is


We moved into an unfinished apartment but management was very nice and gave me a discount on rent and the maintenance man worked overtime to get us moved in. My apartment is good sized with plank flooring.The current manager is nice and the maintenance man is great and fixes anything that needs fixed right away.


We really enjoy living here. The apartment is large with a nice floor plan. I really love our flooring and the huge master bedroom and both bathrooms are giant. There are large windows throughout the apartment that let a ton of light in, which really brightens up the place. It's quiet and within walking distance to a ton of places. They just updated their security cameras which makes me feel much safer. The maintenance and management are awesome. They address any problems quickly and they are friendly and honest.


Such great apartments! The three and two bedrooms with plank flooring are so beautiful! The community is super nice and safe (lots of kids play outside)! I love the location because I can walk a few feet to Wal-Mart or the mall and don't need a car!!